Clinton Portis wanted to play with Tom Brady and the Patriots


During an appearance on the NFL Network’s  NFL AM show former Redskins running back Clintson Portis said that he wanted to prove that he could still play the game of football before he decided to walk away.

“I think I realized, when I first left, that I was ready to walk away,” Portis said of his decision to hang up his cleats. “I think the desire to play again was just to prove people wrong. (Prove) that I could still play. After I finally proved it to myself, and realized I was back and I could do everything, I was totally fine with walking away a long time ago.”

After leaving the Redskins, Portis felt like the best fit for him was the Patriots.

“There was some agent conversation. You know, when I went on my visits, besides New England, I really wasn’t excited or felt as if I was a fit into an organization,” Portis said. “But you know, just the opportunity to play with Tom Brady was so exciting that you hope it worked. Outside of that, I really didn’t feel as though I fit into another organization.”