Cleveland Brown’s CEO Joe Banner contemplating trading back in the draft

The closer we get to the 2013 NFL Draft, the more we here about possible trade between teams. Cleveland Brown’s CEO, Joe Banner, recently said during a pre-draft conference, according to

The author of the article, Mary Kay Cabot, goes on to speculate weather the Chargers might be one of those teams trying to trade with Cleveland.

Several respected national NFL analysts and writers have speculated that the Chargers at No. 11 will try to trade up with the Browns, presumably to take Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson. The Browns would like to recoup the second-round pick they used on Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.

Out of all the ridiculous trade proposals I’ve heard over the past couple weeks, this one actually makes sense. The Chargers desperately need to get a top tackle during this draft. There is talk that the top 4 tackles could be gone in the top 10, 1 pick ahead of the Chargers 11th pick. Further, with the Browns lacking a 2nd round pick due to picking up Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft last year, it would make sense for them to want to trade down.

Now I wonder what else is going on with the Browns this week.


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