Clay Matthews Jr. likely done for the season

Former San Diego Chargers team doctor Dr. David Chao believes Packers linebacker Clay Matthews Jr. won’t play again this season after breaking his thumb for a second time this season on Sunday.

The Green Bay star linebacker fractured his thumb on October 6 and missed four games as a result. The Bennett’s fracture is where the thumb breaks and slides out of joint at the base of the thumb. Matthews’ injury required surgery, but he returned on November 10 after missing four games. Matthews was still playing with a small cast when he re-injured the same thumb on Sunday against Pittsburgh.

Between the healing time and playing in a cast, I expected Matthews to be properly protected. However, this is the NFL, where the forces are great and anything can happen. This re-injury likely means revision surgery and the end of Matthews’ season, even if the Packers go deep into the playoffs.



  1. Anonymous says

    So is this about Clay Matthews Jr or III? Because the III is the one playing now, not his father.

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