Christian Ponder: “There are no after-effects” from his bruised triceps injury

Minnesota Viking quarterback Christian Ponder was forced to miss the playoffs last season after he sustained a deep bruise to his throwing triceps. Five months later Ponder says that there is no “after-effects” from the injury and that it feels “good”.

That playoff loss was a win-win for Ponder. He wasn’t the one embarrassed by the Packers (the injury forced back up Travaris Jackson into a role he was ill-prepared for) and he got to show how much horrible the offense would be without him at center. While Ponder still hasn’t proven he can lead a team to victory, he has also shown he isn’t completely horrible (though it’s easy when you have the league’s best running back standing behind you).

Ponder is heading into a critical year in his 3rd season for the Vikings. If he can’t prove he can win the team games, you can bet the Vikings will be looking to draft a quarterback in next years draft.


  1. says

    Ponder has proven he can win and win he did 4 straight including a playoff type matchup versus the Packers where he made some big throws at crucial moments to get the Vikes a wildcard berth against this same team who were trying to get a 1st round bye. The question is whether he continue that style of play and take the Vikings deep into the playoffs, I’m confident that he will continue to develop into a very good signal caller.

  2. Anonymous says

    It was Joe Webb who had to come in last years playoff game. Jackson hasn’t been with the Vikings for a couple years now.

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