Christian Ponder had to make a trip to the ER right after the season for his injured arm

christian ponderMinnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder told the Star Tribune that he ended up having to go to the emergency room after his arm injury flared up just a couple of weeks after the season ended.

“A couple weeks after [the season was over], the injury came back randomly. The whole arm swelled up and I actually had to go to the ER and get that taken care of. It was a little scary with [concerns] about a blood clot. But it ended up being fine. The bruise came back. About two weeks after that, all the effects went away. Since then, I’ve been working out probably two months and it’s been fine.”

Ponder explained what happened at the ER.

“They didn’t do anything. I got an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging exam] and they said the contusion came back. I don’t know why or how, but it did. It was just weird. All of a sudden, the whole thing got rock hard and swelled up. I was scared to death that it was a blood clot, so I went to the ER. They said it was fine. Just to ice it down or whatever and it would work itself out.”

Ponder explained what happened when he informed the Vikings he was heading to the ER.

“I called Sugs [head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman] first. Thanks goodness because the doctor at the ER, obviously, she was a great help but she wanted to go into surgery. She thought it was compartmental syndrome. It was a little scary. Luckily, Sugs called at the right moment and talked to the doctor and said don’t do anything crazy. Just go get an MRI to make sure. And it ended up being fine. They were scaring me with what they wanted to do.”



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