Chris Thompson waiting patiently and knows his “time will come”

Chris Thompson is Washington Redskins’ fifth round pick this year. He has been limited in OTAs due to suffering a torn ACL in October. While Thompson is still about a full month away from being able to practice, the rookie running back is expected to compete for the spot behind starter Alfred Morris.

In talks with Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Thompson says he knows his time will come soon.

Alfred’s the guy, and they’re going to use me however they want to use me, whether it’s me coming out of the backfield, or in slot, wherever,” Thompson said. “We’ve got some smart coaches, so it’s just a good opportunity. It’s something I have to be patient with. … But I know my time will come…

Thompson says he has been getting reps with Robert Griffin III who is also rehabbing ACL problems of his own.

Griffin says he has been trying to hold Thompson back who sometimes tries to push it too hard.

I try to keep it real calm for a little bit of practice,” Griffin said, “and then when you guys see [running back Roy] Helu come over there, that’s when [Thompson] starts revving up his reps and doing the routes because, you know, he doesn’t want to be shown up by the other guys. So I try to keep an eye on him.”

There is a silver lining in this and Thompson has found it. Not many fifth round picks get exclusive time with the starting quarterback. If Thompson can impress Griffin during the rehab process, he knows Griffin will trust him on the field when his time truly comes.

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