Chris Johnson doesn’t want anything to do with a two-back system

The Tennessee Titans plan on featuring running back Chris Johnson next season, but they also want to give him some help in the back field.’s Around the League asked Johnson about this.

“Throughout all the years I’ve been in the league, when we get in the red-zone area they always put another guy in there,” Johnson said. “I think people are making more than what it is.”

Johnson made it clear that he doesn’t want to be a part of a two-back system.

“But if it comes down to a two-back system, I don’t agree with that.”

Johnson claims he warrants more carries.

“I know I deserve them touches, but at the end of the day, they’re the coaches and I gotta go with whatever they’re doing,” Johnson said. “I’m a team player, and if they feel like they can help us win by putting a bigger guy in there I’m not going to pout about it.

“But if it’s a situation where it’s a two-back system, I played in a two-back system in college (East Carolina) and I don’t like it because you really can’t get into a groove. That’s something I wouldn’t be happy with.”

If Johnson was smart, he’d realize that the Titans can prolong his career by having him share carries with another running back.  If he’s the only back touching the ball, he won’t be around much longer.