Chris Cooley went on a rant over Native Americans and the Chargers

Former Redskins tight end Chri Cooley went on a rant during his radio show with Steve Czaben on ESPN 980′s The Drive With Cooley and Czabe.

Maybe it’s because ESPN 980 is owned by the Redskins or Cooley and Czaben are just ignorant when it comes to Native Americans.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog transcribed their rant from Wednesday.

On the Chargers

Czaban: Remember, the guilt-ridden white liberal sportswriters…

Cooley: That want to take a stand. It’s a stance.

Czaban: It’s a cause. They need a cause to feel good about themselves. They will then say it doesn’t matter if it’s 70, 80 percent — if one person is offended, then that’s enough.

Cooley: You know what, Steve? We need a cause. You and I need a cause. And you know what that cause is going to be? I don’t like the Chargers because I want to protect the ozone, all right guys? I feel like there’s a global warming issue, and I don’t like the name Chargers, because they’re promoting electricity. Eff electricity, and eff the Chargers name. I have a problem with them. All I’ve got to do is a pamphlet and 10 percent of a couple people and maybe a Senator or two that wants to protect the ozone and we’re off and running.

Galdi: Call Olbermann. Call Deadspin.

Cooley: I don’t want just money; I want power too. I want to create power with this. I want to create a name for myself out of this. This is for me

On what would happen if the Redskins win on appeal

Cooley: Here’s what it will do: It will create an end to the Redskins publicly saying anything about keeping the name. They’ll let anyone else say whatever they want about it. They’ll let the Oneida tribe say anything, they’ll let anyone that wants to bash the name say anything. But as soon as our court system rules — which is, in my opinion, likely… — it ends what we have to say to them. Now all we do is go out to these reservations and we believe in what we do and create goodwill and continue to work with our Native Americans in building their tribes back up to what they want to be, and we don’t say anything.

On the alternatives

Czaban: The only good counter argument is to say as soon as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Indians and the Florida State Seminoles all want to do this then we’d certainly listen to them if they want us to join their movement to change their names….[Otherwise] say we’ll be the Washington Chiefs and paint a more racist picture on the side of the helmets, a buck-toothed Native American that says Chiefs. It won’t say Redskins, but it’ll be a really ugly Native American. It will not be a proud, dignified Native American. It’ll be very cartoonish, like Chief Wahoo, with a big buck-toothed smile.

Cooley: Chiefs and spell it wrong. Put the [e before the i]…..No, I think if, God forbid, they were forced to change the name, they should just change it to the Smurfs. Something just out there. And then make the Smurf a little Indian Smurf, a red Smurf.

On liberal sports media members

Czaban: [They’re] going to dance around like in the final scene of Star Wars, like they just defeated the evil empire. Go ahead dance around and do whatever it does that assuages your white liberal guilt but nothing has changed, nothing will change. This is the biggest nothingburger story ever….Maybe we can get therapy for [them], chip in, get to the core of their guilt and understand what is it that’s nagging you.

Cooley: Well because they all understand how it feels. They all know what it means.

Czaban: Sure they do. They were all the subject of hardship and prejudice growing up.

Cooley: Right. They get it.

Czaban: All…those white privileged upper class members of the sports media. Yes. They’re down with the struggle.

You can listen to the audio right here.

I understand their outrage when it comes to the government getting involved, but they clearly don’t understand how they’re insulting a group of people.