Chris Cooley, Sonny Jurgensen believe the Redskins should have benched RG3

robert griffin III 3

This is really interesting.

Both Sonny Jurgensen and Chris Cooley thought the Redskins should have benched Robert Griffin III during this past Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

“Why not play Cousins?” Jurgensen asked during the Redskins radio broadcast via the Washington Post.

“Robert’s in the game, he turns, he gives it to Alfred Morris on the run, gains a yard,” Larry Michael said. “You’re gonna pull the plug already, huh?”

“It’s not pulling the plug, it’s getting a change,” Jurgensen said. “Make a change. Can it be any worse? You get four yards passing in a half? I would look at the other quarterback, see if he can make something happen. It’s not the end of the world. They take out pitchers, don’t they?”

“They do take out pitchers,” Chris Cooley agreed. “Having a bad game, have a seat.”

“Having a bad game,” Jurgensen continued. “The curveball’s not breaking.”

They continued to rip Griffin after he threw a terrible screen pass that was ruled an interception and then overturned.

“That was a horrible pass,” Michael said. “Trying to dump it to Roy Helu, and he threw it right to Fletcher Cox.”

“You’ve got to see Kirk Cousins,” Jurgensen said.

“You’re about to,” Cooley agreed.

“Jeez. Give me a break,” Jurgensen sputtered.

“That was just a horrible attempt,” Michael said. “He throws it right to the defensive lineman. He wasn’t even close to finding the receiver that time.”

I find this very amusing.  I live in the Washington D.C. area and Jurgensen was drooling over Griffin last year and now he wanted him benched.

  • Glenn Darr

    Jurgensen and Cooley are correct. Yes, last year every one was gaga over Robert Griffin. Butttttt, he is not hacking it this year and a change should be made.