Chris Cooley only wants to play for the Redskins

chris cooleyFree agent tight end Chris Cooley told WUSA 9 in Washington D.C. that the only team he wants to play for next season is the Washington Redskins.

“It’s been really strange but it’s been fun because of what I did in the football world, there’s all these opportunities and I say to myself ‘oh my gosh, I can do this, or this or this or I can play golf,'” says the former tight end laughing. Cooley says he doesn’t want to play for any other team than the Skins but they have not contacted him about a return to the organization.

“I have no clue but you can ask Bruce Allen (General Manager) though or Mike Shanahan,” says Cooley laughing. He still, however, is a fan of burgundy and gold.

He continued, “I think what the Washington Redskins did last year changed football, it changed the way football is played, Robert (Griffin) changed the way football is played, people couldn’t stop us.”

I think Cooley’s career is over.  The only reason the Redskins signed him last season is because Fred Davis went down for the season.  And when he came in, he did absolutely nothing.

  • Mr. Doo Doo

    He did absolutely nothing? Did you see some of Cooleys blocking last year you friggin moron? He wasn’t an elite TE, but h did his job and what was expected of him. Why you journalists need to put everyone down is beyond my comprehension. Do they teach that in school? To trash you subject?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Doo Doo, I couldn’t agree more. Just b/c Cooley isn’t in the front grinning at the camera doesn’t mean he’s not achieving everything the team expected him to. Chris Cooley is a perfect example of the kind of person/team mate everyone either wants to be or aspires to be. Cutting him loose would be a big mistake on so many levels.

  • Anonymous

    I guess you didn’t watch any of the games last season. Cooley was great at run blocking and pass blocking when RG3 was moving. He got a lot of 2nd level blocks which helped long runs in the running game. I was very disappointed that he was not utilized in the passing game.