Chris Cooley: There was an idea that Mike Shanahan didn’t like RG3

During former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley daily radio show on ESPN 980,  he said that a lot of people believed former head coach Mike Shanahan didn’t like Robert Griffin III.

“He has a hard time understanding what Mike didn’t like about him,” Cooley said of Griffin via the Washington Post. “There was a problem with their relationship, but there was also this idea that Mike didn’t like Robert. And that idea wasn’t just among Robert; there were a lot of people that saw that Mike had a problem with Robert. And Mike never talked to Robert about that problem. So you’re a young guy; all you want to know is what people think of you, what people really want, what they expect, how they feel about you. And Robert throughout the entire year was under the impression that his head coach really didn’t like him.

“And he didn’t know why,” Cooley continued. “He was never told why. There was never a meeting to say hey, this is a problem, this is what I don’t like about you. You can’t do that. You have to know. When I was a player, I had to know. Even if it’s bad, just give me the bad news. Bad news is [better] than not knowing and just thinking the worst. So I was proud of Robert [for not criticizing the Shanahans], because I think he did respect a lot of what Kyle had done, I knew he got along well with Kyle, because guys that I trust said that they got along well. Rex Grossman said that they got along just fine all the time, they worked together all the time….

“They did care deeply about Robert Griffin becoming a great football player,” Cooley continued. “I talked to Kyle Shanahan, and I was aware that he wanted Robert to be the best football player he could be. He was out of the drama; I don’t believe he was in the drama. I think it all just circulated around a couple people having some simple conversations, some down-to-earth human conversations. That’s sad that that was the end of it and that’s a problem, but hopefully Robert’s learned a lot from that. It seems to me, talking to him not on the record at all, that he has and that he’ll move forward. He wants to be the beloved best quarterback of all time, he wants his teammates to respect him, he wants to be a leader, and I think he’ll show that more.”

  • captaindandan2013

    See, there’s a relationship problem here: Daniel Snyder is the OWNER. Shannannahan is was the COACH and RGIII is a lousy g.d. contract holder to DO the bidding of the OWNER thru his appointed man Shanananahan. RGIII ignores the coach. The coach fines RGIII. RGIII ignores the coach again and the coach BENCHES the qb. DOESN”T mean the coach doesn’t LIKE him or doesn’t LIKE BLACK people. It just means, COACH has a job to do: WIN GAMES GO TO PLAYOFFS WIN SUPERBOWL it’s that simple and if RGIII or anybody else (Including Tom Brady / Playtex Manning) think they will win by going against their coaches wishes, they’re benched /fined/ or traded.
    B____UUUURP. Thanks (Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez is here in Calif. at “JETS-WEST” bar and grill and bar. THANKS FOR THE B___UURP beer, Mark. Hey, Shannnannnana han, you want one?>

  • talaktochoba

    no, you are entirely wrong here;

    Peyton Manning ran the team for years, openly ignoring Jim Caldwell down to ignoring on national TV the plays the head coach dare call, and EVERYBODY in the league knew it;

    trouble is, Peyton is a sunshine quarterback completely worthless in postseason adversity unless the odds are stacked totally in his favour–like they were in his one SB “win”, against a Chicago Bears team w/QBs bad as cleveland’s…and still Manning BARELY won that game!

    and Indy deserved no better because they sank so much of their cap money into Manning they couldn’t afford all the pieces necessary to build a consistent SB contender, a fact that showed up painfully each season, especially the one they almost went undefeated in only to get bounced unceremoniously early from the playoffs by a team the QB actually listened to his coaches;

    no, there’s another, far uglier reason Shanahan didn’t like his quarterback the whole league know he forced back on the field when seriously injured last season, then forced on the field this season long before he recovered from his now obviously serious knee injury…

    RGIII just got a crash course in the far less than stellar social history of the NFL what hasn’t changed much in the owner’s boardrooms since about the 1970s;

  • Jimmy Garst

    RGIII wants his college coach. RGIII wants his dad on the sidelines. RGIII tells everyone on national t.v. that it is about him since he is the franchise quarterback and him and did I say HIM. If RGIII does not like what is going on, he calls Snyder.(You should handle thru your coach and let the coach go to Mr. Snyder)) As long as RGIII get what he wants, the team will be no better. Instead of RGIII, how using Robert. When player are more about being call a name, then they are worried more about that and themselves then ever playing football. Either change RGIII to be a team player or the team will never go anywhere.

    • talaktochoba

      Peyton Manning decides in the middle of the draft which team he wants to play for, and the entire NFL acquiesces, just like they did for Elroy, publicly refusing to play for the legitimate Colts while in Baltimore the NFL acquiesced to, as well;

      Elroy is comical in the playoffs til Terrell Owens cuts back on his roid dosage to stop his headaches and run Denver to two titles;

      Peyton is equally comical til he faces a Chicago Bears team with high school QBs and still barely ekes out his one title, like Baltimore blatantly cheated its way last year on the final play of the SB;

      but Meltdown Manning and Jump Ball Joe are “great” QBs, while RGIII is all me-me-me?

      why not use “RGIII” and not Robert? RGIII SELLS, gets endorsements, fills seats so make the NFL money all it care about–name the last just plain Robert to do that?

      there not half a dozen people in the psycho-skitzophrenic egomaniacal league run by megalomaniac owners i’d let in my front door–least of all any Manning or Elroy, but RGIII is all about himself, you say?

      have you ever tried doing ANYTHING on one good knee, let alone play the second most difficult position in the NFL when you’re barely half-healed?

      you damn right i’d cozy up to the owner get this maniac coach outta here before he ruins your entire billion dollar investment–it’s called Managing Your Boss 101, so don’t hate him just because RGIII is far better than you at that, too!

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You are a moron!!! Eli Manning forced his draft in 04 not Peyton…Terrell Davis was the rb and it’s Elway moron

  • Anonymous

    That bigot Scamahan hated RGIII because he was chosen to be his quarterback, same as McNabb. He didn’t want or chose either of them, because he hates blacks!!! Look how he destroyed Terrell Davis Career! And how Clinton Portis Never wanted to play for him. Always using blacks as scapegoats, then lying about “character” players. That translates to no-talent a–kissers (Grossman, and Beck).I hope that rotten, racist, madman never coaches again. Then, he won’t get to ruin any other black athletes’ lives again, not to mention franchises.