Chris Cooley believes Mike Shanahan is ready to cut ties with RG3

mike shanahan

Former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley made an appearance on CBS Sports Radio and said that he believes that head coach Mike and Kyle Shanahan are not convinced that Robert Griffin III was the guy they wanted to draft.

“Over the last year and a half Mike and/or Kyle are of the belief that Robert (Griffin III) isn’t the guy they wanted,” said Cooley.  “That it isn’t necessarily their pick and he isn’t developing the way they want him to develop. And it’s been very tough for them.  And the same time, Robert is everything to the Washington Redskins.”

“I believe that it’s not necessarily just hat relationship, but it’s that ultimate belief that they’re not going to be able to win football games with their style of offense with this kid.  And they’ve came to the conclusion that the best way is to cut ties as early as possible.”

If Shanahan is ready to move on from Griffin,  then he clearly missed when he decided to draft him.

Cooley also went on to say that he believes Shanahan doesn’t think he’ll be able to grow with Griffin as his quarterback and that they’re on completely different pages.


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    Shanahan is old school that has not grown with the modern day athlete he is still in the bat cave wondering what happened how did it all pass him by. Kyle needs to find a job on his own Daddy allows him too much power for an OC. Griffin is a winner I am a Pats fan but I have seen Griffin when he is really leading this offense . They are not calling a game for Griffin its Shanahan’s way of getting rid of him as he is a SNAKE in the first degree. He wants to be fired so he can stick Snyder with his salary if Snyder really wants him to quit it would be simple Make John Gruden head coach and Shanahan put in front office he will quit right there and take his useless son with him.

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