Chris Collinsworth refers to Bill Belichick as a “genius” for signing Tim Tebow

TMZ caught up with Cris Collinsworth of NBC’s Sunday Night Football and asked him what he thought about the Patriots signing Tim Tebow.

“I’m happy for him,” Cris said … “Bill Belichick’s a genius, he’ll figure out a way to make it work.”

I find it funny that some people treat Belichick as if he can’t do anything wrong.  He has made quite a few bad decisions in the past just like any other NFL coach.

  • jack francis

    Welcome Tim Tebow…Bill Belechek about as far from being genius as one can get, grossly over rated.2001-2005 ahead of pack coaching, since accolades/praise gone to head, many poor drafts, can’t develop young talent ( 2ndary one of worst past 5 years),
    blows millions on stupid whims Ocho..Albert H, 3-5 years trying to replace Rodney, Willie, Bruschi, Seymore…In Playoffs &SB strong “D” teams able to defense Pats..TB as there is NOT
    a down field threat..BB drafted one “good” receiver in 10 years, Branch & he let him go 2006 and blew a SB. BB & Kraft living off Tom Brady’s excellent performance as QB ( putting up 30points per game) with mediocre supporting casts. BB is Coach, GM, Def Coach, Talent scout ( Rutgers). There are many better coaches in NFL )start with John & Jim H OH & he is arrogant