Chris Canty could be a good fit in Seattle

Gary Horton and Field Yates of’s Inside believe free agent defensive tackle Chris Canty would be a great fit for the Seattle Seahawks and I agree.

Given his unique length and ability to bend, Canty is an imposing run-defender in the middle of the defensive line. He stands at 6-foot-7 and pushes 300 pounds, and while injuries have affected his play in recent seasons, he still possesses initial quickness and inline power to drive through the anchor of interior linemen.

In Seattle, finding a player to line up as a 3-technique on the outside eye of a guard is critical to the defense, and Branch, who started 16 games last season, is a UFA. Canty, like Branch, can hold his own against the run, though he does it less by being a space clogger and more by being able to win at the point of attack in single-block situations and using his length.

Canty will benefit Seattle by providing an interior rush force to disrupt the integrity of the pocket. Branch was less effective in this realm, while Canty can help break the bubble formed by an opponent’s two guards and center. He has something to prove after a disappointing 2012 and is generating interest from multiple teams already. Seattle would be a worthwhile landing spot.

Canty had a down year in 2012, but can certainly bounce back in 2013.  The Seahawks defensive line was great last season, but they’d really become a nightmare for opposing offensive lines of they bring in a player of Canty’s caliber.


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