Chip Kelly’s offense might lead to more touches for DeSean Jackson

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, Chip Kell’t uptempo offense should present more oppurtunites for wide receiver DeSean Jackson to get the ball in his hands more this coming season.

One fact that Clayton brought up is that Jackson has never caught more than 62 passes in a single season. It also sounds like Jackson might get some carries out of the back field.


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    “up tempo offense MAY lead to more touches….he may take the ball out of the backfield…” yes, well, duh. I watched Chip Kelley”s Oregon Ducks offense with my mouth open!! Astonishing. U.S.C. (My alma mater) is B-O-R-I-N-G with their 3 & out the first two or three offensive drives. Yes, the QB will carry the ball, yes the running back will carry the ball, even get a shovel pass or two, yes the wide outs will come thru the backfield and get the ball. THATS what it is all about. Keep the defense on their heels. The reason Tebow didn’t ‘work out’ with the Jets is cuz the dumb-ass coach/offensive coordinator only put Tim in once or twice a game–the defense KNEW to key on Tebow = frrustration & lost opportunity. I hope and pray Chip Kelley’s offense works in the NFL …it’s all about execution and points onthe board.
    If, God forbid, someone gets injured, I hope Chip remembers that THIS is the very offense Tim Tebow ran at Florida Gators with (N.E. tight end) Hernandez, Riley Cooper (Tim’s room mate @ Florida) and ALL the other guys who contributed to the TEAM sport.
    Go tieam Go. Oh, that’s right–there is NO “I” in team.

    I am truly looking forward to chip kelleys offense and execution WOW.
    instead of 40 offensive plays –they’ll probably run 100.
    Watch and learn.
    The ‘pro style offense’ is dying.
    The West coast offense is good
    The spread, read/option, no huddle hurry up offense is THE BEST.
    Now get out there and execute and put some points on the board.
    And for God sakes will somebody pick up Tebow!!!!!

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