Chip Kelly: “There’s never been any question of cutting Riley”

chip kelly

We reported earlier today that the Eagles were thinking about cutting Riley Cooper after Wednesday’s fall out after he said a racial slur at a country music concert.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly told reporters today that they never thought about cutting Cooper.

“There’s never been any question of cutting Riley,” Kelly said, per “We talked on Day 1 when we met with Riley — myself, Jeffrey [Lurie] and Howie [Roseman] — and Riley was in full agreement that he needed to get some assistance in this situation. Now it took us about 24, 36 hours to kind of put a plan in place. I was really important, I thought, for Riley to be with us yesterday. Just didn’t want him sitting him at home.”

If the Eagles’ players are able to move on from this situation when Cooper comes back from counseling, Kelly might have to release him.



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