Chip Kelly putting special emphasis on special teams

Chip Kelly is well-known for his innovativeness on the offensive side of the ball. But perhaps one of the more underrated aspects to his coaching is the value he places on special teams, which is, after all, still one of the three phases in football.

Peter King reports in his MMQB column.

“Watching practice Sunday showed Kelly’s emphasis on special teams; he counted down the seconds on a hurry-up field-goal attempt and seemed to have his team in more special-teams instruction than I see at most camps.”

Actually, and most people would likely be surprised to hear this, the offensive-oriented Chip Kelly’s  first job as a college coach was coordinating special teams at Colombia. But while he is viewed by some as a flashy coach, his paying attention to the smaller, not-so-glorified parts of football like special teams is what he will have to do to win games. And it sounds like he is making a concerted effort to do just that.