Chiefs will use Eric Berry as a linebacker in certain packages

eric berry

According to the Kansas City Star, the Chiefs plan on using safety Eric Berry as a pass rusher as well as a linebacker in certain packages.

“I’m going to be all over the place,” Berry said

Berry has been forced to learn new positions.

“I really had to get into my playbook because there are certain things I didn’t know how to do in the past,” said Berry, in his fourth season with the Chiefs. “I have to know what to do as a linebacker … sometimes I’m rushing off the edge. Sometimes I have to stay on top of my game before … like with the safety position.

“There are just so many different things that I have to know what to do, and I pretty much just cause confusion on the opposing offense. I guess that’s my job.”

Berry is a heck of a player and is versatile enough to play all over the field.  It will be interesting to see how he performs in a new role.


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