Chiefs will start Dontari Poe this week


The Kansas City Chiefs plan on starting rookie nose tackle Dontari Poe for Thursday’s preseason finale against the Green Bay Packers.  It looks like they want to see how he fares against a starting offense in a live game.

“He’s making progress,” Crennel told The Kansas City Star per “But he’s still that rookie who reverts back to what he knows at times, and he forgets to remember how we want to do it. There was one play in the game, he was in good position on the blocker and ended up jumping off the block … he thought he could make the play (but) that opened up a hole.

“You’ve got to point those things out to him and get him to correct it. He’s a conscientious student, and he will get it corrected.”

Poe has a lot to improve before he becomes a starter and maybe this final preseason can give him the confidence he needs to be a factor this season.

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