Chiefs release Andy Studebaker

Linebacker Andy Studebacker announced on Twitter today that the Kansas City Chiefs have released him.

Studebaker was active for all 16 games this past season and recorded a total of 8 tackles as a back up.


  • Chief for life

    Pretty crappy move Mr Dorsey. Andy may not have been a superstar, but he was a special teams maniac. A true team player. Always did everything that was asked of him. You will be missed Andy.

  • Anonymous

    It was pretty awesome seeing a guy like Mr. Studebaker come out of a small Christian college and make it in the NFL. I enjoyed watching him even though I am a Charger fan. I hope there is a team out there with the wisdom to sign him…a team who can’t count on a mature, hard working guy who will not litter the news headlines with arrests or bad character decisions…Good luck Mr. Studebaker!!!

    BTW, my son was blessed enough to be in a wedding with your wife. He was the ring bearer for the Meehs.

  • Anonymous

    Oops…that is a team who CAN count on…