Chiefs plan on taking best player available with first overall pick

The Kansas City Chiefs own the first overall pick in April’s draft and general manager John Dorsey has made it clear that he doesn’t plan on reaching for a certain player because they have a need at that position.

“You spent all those months as a group staying true to your board,” Dorsey said, “and all of a sudden you have to jump a player because of positional needs? I don’t think you do that. We have proven you don’t do that.

“We took Jordy (Nelson) … Randall Cobb, ” he said of second-round picks at wide receiver, “players we were deep at in specific positions and let them evolve into their careers and let their abilities play out because ultimately what we’re trying to do is get good football players on this roster.”

Even if the Chiefs don’t take a quarterback with the first pick, it doesn’t mean they can’t find one in the second or third round that can be a franchise player for them.