Chiefs fan shoot man in the face for insulting his team

A 65 year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan named Ronald Hall has been charged with assault and armed criminal action after shooting a man in the face while they were watching the Chiefs game this past Sunday.

Court documents state Hall, his son and several other men gathered at a Lee’s Summit house on Sunday to watch the football game.

Hall’s son told police everyone at the gathering had been drinking and trading insults as they watched the game.

He also told police his father was ill-tempered and mean and his disposition had gotten worse in the last year, according to court documents.

Hall often became angry during the banter and that was the case Sunday.

His son told police his father threatened to shoot people in the past, but had never done so, court documents state.

Poor Mr. Hall had enough of hearing how bad his team is…I’m sure he already knew that since they only have one win.  Obviously what he did was wrong, but he did warn them.