Chiefs fan sending a message to his favorite team

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According to NBC 3 in Kansas City, a Chiefs fan plans on having a banner fly over Arrowhead Stadium to voice his dissatisfaction with his favorite team.

“We are not just losing, we are just getting demolished left and right,” said Eric, who didn’t want his last name released.

The message that will fly over the stadium will read–“We deserve better. Fire Pioli. Bench Cassel.”

“We are going to let them know exactly how we feel, we still love this team, we still want to see them succeed but man, they have to give us something to hope for,” said Eric.

Eric explained how he feels after every home game.

“I go home deflated not only because they lost, but because the stadium is empty, the crowd is not into it, there is just no life at Arrowhead anymore,” said Eric.

I can’t blame Eric or any other Chiefs fan for feeling the way they do about their team.

The Chiefs were expected to be one of the top teams in the AFC West this season and they’ve only disappointed everyone so far.


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