Check out these Vikings prototype uniforms from 2003

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch got a hold of this design from 2003 in which Reebok designed a prototype uniform for the Vikings.

Hmmm, what have we here? It’s two sets of Vikings prototype designs that were prepared by Reebok in 2003. I got them from a source and confirmed their legitimacy with another source who used to work for the Vikings. And there’s a lot more where these came from — the second source says he has a big packet of uni designs that Reebok proposed along with these two. He’s going to send them to me shortly and will also provide info on the internal deliberations about them.

It’s interesting to see that the Vikings (or at least Reebok) were considering going BFBS more than a decade ago. Glad they didn’t go that route. Also, note that all of these jerseys had seam stripes going across the yoke and/or down the torso — ewwwww.


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