Charlotte writer rips Cam Newton for charging for autographs

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Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer isn’t happy that Panthers quarterback Cam Newton charges at least $125 for an autograph.

Newton reportedly charges $125 for a signed photo, $150 for a signed football and $175 for a signed jersey.  If you want a message added to the signature, it will cost an extra $50.

The Panthers pay Newton plenty of money,” wrote Fowler. “Charging for autographs in Charlotte seems a little cheap.”

I agree with Fowler, but he also stated that Newton still does free autograph sessions as well. At least he gives away from for free.

“But I do understand it. Newton has the right to charge three figures for his autograph in his backyard, just as I have the right to disagree with him doing so,” wrote Fowler.

“And to be clear, this doesn’t mean Newton will stop signing free autographs. He already signs free ones, by the thousands. That most notably occurs at the Panthers’ training camp in Spartanburg, where he’s frequently the last player to leave the field so he can accommodate more fans. He also signs for free at other various charitable events, at youth speaking engagements – he did yet another one Wednesday at Ardrey Kell High – and on merchandise donated to charity. All that will continue,” wrote Fowler.

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