Charley Casserly: I would rank 12 quarterbacks ahead of Russell Wilson

Former NFL general manager and NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly would rank 12 quarterbacks ahead of Seahawks’ signal-caller Russell Wilson.

I do not consider Russell Wilson a Top-10 quarterback, let alone one who belongs in the top five. The Seahawks win because they have one of the NFL’s best defenses and an outstanding running back in Marshawn Lynch. Wilson — who I think is a good, but not elite, passer — operates in an offense that takes a lot of pressure off him, meaning theSeahawks don’t have to rely upon his arm to win games.

When evaluating players you always ask yourself how would that player perform with another team that is better than his. For example, if you put Andrew Luck in Seattle would his numbers improve? I don’t have any doubt they would. In no particular order, I would rank these AFC signal-callers ahead of Wilson: Peyton ManningPhilip RiversBen RoethlisbergerAndrew LuckTom Brady and, possibly, Joe Flacco. And the NFC quarterbacks I would rank ahead of him: Aaron RodgersDrew BreesEli Manning (despite his poor 2013 season), Matt RyanMatthew StaffordTony Romo and Nick Foles.

I have to agree wit Casserly.  Wilson is very good at what he does, but he benefits from maybe the best defense in NFL history and one of the top running backs in the game.

  • DRRL

    Playing with the best defense helps to explain why Wilson has 29 wins in his first two seasons. Having a great defense, or even a great running back, does not explain why only one quarterback in all of NFL history has ever thrown more touchdown passes in the first two years of his career. Nor can you give Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett, inter alia, credit for Wilson putting together back-to-back seasons of 100+ quarterback rating. And don’t forget that Wilson has done so behind a substandard NFL O-line, and with “pedestrian” receivers.

  • Utardo

    Says the guy who drafted David Carr and Heath Shuler.

  • cnamann

    I’m not necessarily saying Wilson is better than these QBs, but if you replaced him in 2014 with Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, or Tom Brady, the Seahawks probably don’t even make the playoffs. His unique abilities and good decision making (at least three of his interceptions were on hail mary plays at the end of games/half’s) kept this team winning even when we had no offensive line to speak of and he had to play backyard football just to find time to pass the ball.

  • Canadaproud

    I would put at least 50 sports commentators ahead of Charley Casserly! Still RW doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Amazing how people forget he plays in easily the toughest defensive division for the last 2 years and still amasses amazing numbers in his first two years. Give him Denvers schedule over the last 2 years and then see what happens. Doesn’t Russell Wilson hold the NCAA PASSING efficiency rating of all time? Not to mention the BEST QBR rating for the first two years of and QB EVER? Hasn’t head PASSED for more touchdowns comparatively in his first two years than all but one QB in history?? All the while being a GAME MANAGER who rarely throws due to the running game?? PLEASE