Charles Woodson: Things feel different without Al Davis

Cornerback Charles Woodson sat down with and was asked what’s different since when he played in Oakland last.

Really, the only difference is the big guy [Al Davis] is not here. I think that’s really it. Knowing that you’re not going to see him coming out onto the field at any point in time this season is really the different feel to this organization. But I know that the organization is in good hands with Mark [Davis] taking over and bringing in Reggie [McKenzie] to come in here and try to get the Raiders back on the right track. In that sense, it feels good and there’s definitely a positive feel to it.

I agree with Woodson that the Raiders are in good hands with Mark Davis.  I believe he’s doing a better job than his father did late in his life.  Al was too hands on and didn’t let his coaches or front office have the power they needed to succeed.



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