Charles Woodson said they got a laugh out of Jay Cutler talking

Green Bay Packers cornerback/safety Charles Woodson was a guest on the Jim Rome Show and was asked about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler saying “good luck” to the Packers’ secondary leading up to this past Thursday’s game.

“We got a laugh out of it, really,” Woodson said, per “It was funny. They do have some big receivers over there but they’re not fast receivers. There’s no Calvin Johnson on that team, that’s going to stretch a defense. Yeah, there are some big guys, physical guys, and they like to push and pull and grab and get behind guys, but we weren’t going to let that happen, so it worked in our favor.”

It sounds like the Packers’ defense got more of laugh out of Cutler’s comments than anything else.

“We took those comments and we got a kick out of it,” Woodson said.

Woodson explained that it comes down to getting pressure on Cutler.

“If you get pressure on Jay, he’ll let the ball loose,” Woodson said. “That happened for us numerous times last night.”

I believe most people got a laugh out of the fact that the Bears offensive line got completely abused by the Packers defense on Thursday night.