Charles Tillman guarantees he’ll retire as a Bear

With free agency looming for Bears cornerback Charles Tillman,  he guaranteed that he’ll retire as a Bear.

“There has been speculation that Tillman will want to leave the Bears to go play for Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay, but the cornerback insists he wants to end his playing career in Chicago.”In a perfect world, I will finish as a Bear,” Tillman said via CBS Radio in Chicago. “I guarantee you I will retire as a Chicago Bear. I guarantee that.”

Tillman isn’t getting any younger.  If he wants to retire as a Bear,  he better be willing to give them a home town discount.


  • sunrisezone

    “Tillman isn’t getting any younger. If he wants to retire as a Bear, he better be willing to give them a home town discount.”
    Paul Jackiewicz ought to get punched in the mouth.

  • sunrisezone

    For the record, Charles “Peanut” Tillman was born in Chicago, the son of a U.S. soldier. He has only ever played for the Bears. He is a two time Pro Bowl player. He is the best corner in Bears history. He has won a Courage Award, a Salute to Service Award, and the Brian Piccolo Award three times. Jackiewicz is rattling off a dozen blurbs an hour and he thinks he has a duty or a right to tell Charles Tillman that he’s not getting any younger?