Doesn’t look like the Chargers will be able to trade Robert Meachem

The San Diego Chargers signed receiver Robert Meachem last year and was the prized signing in free agency. Long story short, Meachem was an absolute disaster for the Chargers last year. He only accumulated two touchdowns on fourteen receptions and was riding the bench after he dropped a game winning touchdown in a 7-6 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Can they trade him?” you ask.

Well yes technically, but don’t bank on it. A hopeful Chargers fan asked ESPN’s Bill Williamson about the possibility and this was his response:

I highly doubt it. The Chargers have to find a desperate team. Robert Meachem is owed $5 million guaranteed. It is virtually impossible to think any team would take on that type of money for a bottom-of-the-rotation player.

The good news for the Chargers is that for the first time since Vincent Jackson left via free agency, the team is looking pretty deep at wide receiver with Denario Alexander, Malcom Floyd, and Vincent Brown sitting atop the depth chart. Unless there’s injury, expect Meachem to be sitting on the bench all year.







  1. Dread says

    So, “Meachem was an absolute disaster?!?” Yes he dropped one crucial pass that everyone remembers. But, before that, Rivers couldn’t deal with his speed and would under throw and over throw him when not making bad decisions and throwing to Meachem when he was blanketed by a defensive back, forcing Meachem to play defense half the time. Why don’t writers bring that truth up?!? The Chargers are crazy deep at receiver, but should give Meachem a good look again.

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