Chargers to put Robert Meachem on the trade block?

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-tribune believes the Chargers may want to put wide receiver Robert Meachem on the trade block if he has a good preseason.

Robert Meachem is another receiver to watch. If he has a strong preseason, the Chargers may want to see if there’s a market for him, although that is highly unlikely given his $6.875 million cap number.

After Danario Alexander’s break out season in 2012, Meachem is expendable.  I’m not a fan of trading him.  The Chargers shouldn’t take any potential weapons away from Philip Rivers.



  1. Dwayne says

    Trade him, signing Meachem seemed like a good idea. We were wrong. Rivers is a decent QB but, he needs receivers that fight for the ball and have above average height. Meachem, not so much. His play last season was terrible. His most notable moments were HIS lack luster play which caused interceptions(hard to believe but, not all INTs are the QBs fault) and of course his middle school drop in that Browns game. Trade him, get some draft picks pick up Terrel Owens or even Moss but, trade Meachem. Please!
    A Charger fan
    *disclaimer, if he can turn it around I’ll definitely eat my post but for now, put him on the block.

  2. says

    Are you kidding me? This is NOT an article! It amazes me how you can get paid for something this trite. Here’s a suggestion: do some digging and write something substantial.

  3. Dave says

    So, trade Meachem because Rivers underthrows or cannot lead a speedy receiver?!? Or, when Rivers would throw to a “covered/blanketed” receiver, it’s the receiver’s fault for not fighting through the defender while playing having to play defense now?!? ONLY the one dropped pass was Meachem’s fault. The rest of the time was on Rivers’ lack of accuracy and poor decision making.

  4. Dwayne says

    Ummm…Yea! Some could argue it was all on Rivers, I get it and I understand that thought process. However, if you look at the numbers and the type of players Rivers is actually comfortable with they are all tall players. Big targets. Meachem was with the Bolts since day 0 and his production peaked during the Saints game(that’s another debate for a later time)
    Denario Alexander shows up mid season and all of a sudden Rivers has a target that can get down field and most importantly get into the end zone.
    So the point is, you build around your key player(which is Rivers, like it or not) or you can rely on Meachem. To reiterate, yes, trade him unless he can be the star SD paid him to be.

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