Seahawks up 7-3 against the Chargers at halftime

In case you’re in the need of an update on a meaningless game, the San Diego Chargers are trailing the Seattle Seahawks 7-3 at halftime.

Here’s a couple observations:

  • The Seahawks defensive backs were very physical with the Chargers’ receivers despite it being a preseason game. It could have something to do with the fact that the Seahawks’ secondary gave up 40 yards on Philip Rivers’ first three passes.
  • While we’re on the topic of Rivers, he seemed much more comfortable in the pocket with the Chargers’ improved offensive line. Rivers finished 5 of 6 for 45 yards. Also the line opened up a couple good running lanes for Ryan Mathews who finished with 19 yards on 3 carries.

Okay, enough analyzing of the game that won’t mean anything once the season starts; at least in regards to win-loss records. The game will serve as a try-out for many players who will ultimately be cut from one team, only to be signed by another. But that will only happen if these players can impress their future teams right now.



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