The Chargers overcome an 11 point deficit to beat the Cowboys 30-21

The San Diego Chargers have defeated the Dallas Cowboys 30-21.

The Chargers’ offense remained methodical only taking what the defense gave them. Even if that meant 4-5 yard passes. The benefit to this type of offense is that you control the ball longer. San Diego possessed the ball 10 minutes longer which kept their soft defense off the field.

The shinning spot for the Chargers was Philip Rivers once again. He finished the day with 401 yards and 3 touchdowns with 1 interception bringing his total to 11 versus 2 interceptions.  He also completed 83 percent of his passes.

Antonio Gates is continuing to quietly have a great season. Today Gates passed Ozzie Newsome for the fourth-most passes caught by a tight end in NFL history and caught a 56-yard touchdown over linebacker Sean Lee that put the Chargers up 30-21.

It wasn’t all bad for the Lee. He made a big play when the Chargers were driving on the Cowboys and were getting close to field goal range which would have cut the Cowboys’ lead 14-13. Sean Lee had a different idea. Lee intercepted a wobbly pass from Rivers and returned it for a touchdown which made it 21-10 instead. Many thought the Chargers day was over at that point as the Cowboys were doing whatever they wanted to on offense.

The Cowboys were able to move the ball with ease but were just stopped on third down too many times and also missed two long field goals.

The AFC West shut out the NFC East with each team beating its opponent this week.


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