was established to urge the Redskins to change their name

change the mascot

The press for the Washington Redskins to change their name only continues to mount as more and more people come out and voice their disgust with the derogatory word.

A site called ChangeThe was established to urge the Skins to change thri name.


  • Rex T

    If the Redskins are Forced to change their name, I will make it my life’s ambition ” TO BOYCOTT THE NFL” for being a bunch of PUZZIE’S…

  • Daniel Stillmunks

    If the kooks, the weirdos, the P.C., and just plain idiots get there way: there won’t be ANY pro teams; just number them
    “Today’s match-up is that powerhouse team #12 vs that mediocre team #27.”
    Who believes all the crap they’re dishing out?
    A Redskin (warrior, chief, proud warrior, fighter, defender) oh, no–we don’t accept ‘good’ meanings. It has always got to be a pejorative meaning.
    Here….pull my finger!


  • Harry Hasswhol

    and your personal little boycott of the nfl doesnt even amount to a drop in their ocean. you mean nothing to them.

  • Anonymous

    And yet nobody says anything about the chiefs, the Indians, the braves, Seminole, fighting Irish…. This is ridiculous!

    I’m of Scandinavian descent. I’m offended by the use of the Vikings name. Does that count?

  • Anonymous

    I Like the Washington native Americans–the players can live on a reservation get free Government stuff and pick on the KC Chiefs and Cleveland Indians

    • Daniel Stillmunks

      yep, this non-issue has been hashed and re-hashed. redskins has been ‘grandfathered’ in and it is the teams name.
      You want it changed? Get together $5 BILLION USD and buy the team and change it yourself.