Chance Warmack would love to play for the Titans

chance warmack

Alabama offensive lineman Chance Warmack says he would love to be drafted by the Tennessee Titans so he can be coached by Hall of Fame offensive lineman, head coach Mike Munchak , and Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews who’s their offensive line coach.

“I’ve never been coached by an actual offensive lineman before,” Warmack said, via “That alone will escalate my play to a phenomenal level. Most of my coaches played tight end. My offensive line coach in college (Jeff Stoutland, now with the Philadelphia Eagles) played linebacker. They couldn’t really relate to what an offensive lineman does.

“They did a good job coaching me, but with those two (in Tennessee) it would be a whole ‘nother level of learning the position. I was more attracted to hearing those two guys being on the same team and to know that it was three hours away from my college. It would be like a dream come true for me.”

After complaining about the Titans offensive line in 2012, I’m sure running back Chris Johnson would love a player of Warmack’s caliber blocking for him this coming season.


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