Chan Gailey says the sky isn’t falling in Buffalo

Even after Sunday’s blow out loss to the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey isn’t worried about what people are thinking right now.

“I can’t control everybody else,” Gailey said. “I really can’t. I can control what I think our football team thinks and believes and the way they go about their business. That’s my responsibility. I understand that.

“I don’t think the sky is falling. Everybody is going to say that, you’re going to say that, the fans are going to say that. That’s your job to say something like that, I understand that. But I don’t believe that in a million years.”

“Don’t kick dirt on us yet.”

I’m ready to kick dirt on the Bills. I don’t believe they can win games with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback.  He’s a good back up, but shouldn’t be a starter.  He turns the ball over and is only medicore in talent.

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