Chan Gailey says he won’t be giving up play-calling duties

After this past Sunday’s loss to the Colts, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson claimed that head coach Chan Gailey needs to give up play-calling duties and allow quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to make the calls.

Gailey has come out and claimed that Fitzpatrick has some wiggle room when it comes to making his own calls.

“Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn’t,” Gailey told WGR-AM on Monday, via “He can go out there and change some things. Depends on the situation and the play and what we are trying to do. And the thing that we are trying to do, sometimes, is run the football — we don’t want to change it to a pass. Sometimes we change out of passes to runs, sometimes we change out of runs to passes, depends on what we get.”

Gailey explained why Fitzpatrick won’t be given more responsibility when it comes to making his own calls.

“There is a lot more to it than just seeing what they do and just callin’ a play, there is a bigger picture here. … You are setting up the next play for the next play,” Gailey said. “Fitz is good, he is smart, he really is, he is extremely smart and can make adjustments on the field. … But we’re doing things today, just like we did them last year and the year before that.”


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