Champ Bailey isn’t ready to move to safety

When a veteran NFL cornerback is reaching the end of his career he’ll typically move to safety in an attempt to salvage a couple more years of his career.  There’s one player that isn’t ready to make that switch just yet.

According to the Denver Post, Broncos’ cornerback Champ Bailey was reminded that after last year’s playoff loss to the Ravens, he said he would consider moving to safety.

“I did?” Bailey said, smiling. “Hey, until these young guys start doing something, I’m not taking a back seat to them. Later on, maybe, but right now I still feel like I can play at the level I expect and the level they expect me to at corner. Besides, I’m not even close to 36. I’m 34.”

I’m sure if Bailey gets toasted some more this season, his coaches won’t hesitate to move him to safety.  He’s better off being benched or moving to safety if he ends up being a liability to the Broncos’ defense.