Cecil Newton says his son Cam needs to change the way he’s been acting

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam newton’s father Cecil Newton went on the radio today and expressed his concerns with the way his son has been playing this season.

“I think he’s just pressing,” Cecil Newton said.  “I think he’s maybe trying to do too much.  I know my son, he is going to go back into the lab, tweak some things, work hard, and come out better.  He is not in the business of making excuses.  He is going to come back better.”

Cecil defended Cam’s post game interviews.

“I know he hasn’t been responsive in some of his interviews [after losses] but he has been like that since he was seven years old,” said Cecil Newton, per ProFootballTalk.com “It’s difficult, there are some things that I don’t touch and don’t tell him what he should and shouldn’t do.”

Newton did admit his son needs to change.

“Is it something he needs to change?” Cecil Newton told WFNZ’s The Drive with Taylor and March, per PFT.  “Well yes I guess so.”



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