Case McCoy rips the Browns after he thought Colt was traded

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Case McCoy, the brother of Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, got all fired up on Twitter and ended up ripping the Browns after he thought they had traded Colt to the Eagles after reading some tweets from a fake ESPN Twitter account.

Case tweeted, “Good luck Brandon! Fan of you, but my brother’s pulling the lucky straw on this one! Cleveland is only going downhill!”

Case then realized the rumors were in fact false and took the time to apologize on Twitter for what he said.

Can’t blame Case for reacting the way he did, I would’ve likely done the same thing if it was my brother.  But then again he can’t forget that as the quarterback of University of Texas and the fact that his brother plays for an NFL franchise, people are watching everything he does.


  1. rc says

    if blood is so good and close, would he would have heard the facts from his brother first?

  2. Jps027 says

    kinda ironic cuz I didn’t see Case tweeting thanks to the Browns for stopping his brothers embarrassing free fall on draft day. Just because you’re from the back woods doesn’t mean you can’t think before you speak. Reminds me of his Dad!

  3. TexasSportsFan says

    Not sure how you define “back woods,” but you obviously know nothing about Texas if you think everyone in Texas is a hick. Not many people leaving Texas to go somewhere else these days. Browns have shafted Colt McCoy. Colt’s dad was upset with the way the Browns handled Colt’s concussion. He had every right to be. Nothing wrong with a brother (or father) standing up for his brother (son). There was no free fall on draft day. Plenty of great players have been drafted a lot lower than Colt McCoy was. That’s not necessarily a reflection on the player, but on the draft process. If I recall correctly, Ryan Leaf went second in the draft, and JaMarcus Russell was the top pick. I hope Colt is able to go to another team because the Browns have a terrible offensive line and need receivers. He’s a great quarterback and a high quality person. He deserves better.

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