Carson Palmer just about done in Oakland?

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network feels like there’s a good chance Carson Palmer will decline a pay cut and force the Raiders to release him.  He would then be able to go to a team of his choice.

A more likely scenario in my mind is that Palmer sees the writing on the wall, would decline to take a pay cut, and join a mostly dormant free-agent market as the biggest name on it. The Raiders could move on with Pryor and likely a quarterback in the draft. With some talent issues up front, a mobile quarterback might be better than the statuesque Palmer. Plus, Palmer already showed he doesn’t care about money as much as others when he was willing to forfeit significant salary instead of signing with the Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago. Don’t be shocked — if the Raiders part ways with him — to see Palmer land in a place where he can compete against a young up-and-comer.

One team that comes to mind that would be a good fit for Palmer, is the Cardinals.  Bruce Arians would be a big help to him.



  1. Tatum 31-32 says

    If CP decides to redo his contract, give him another year, so that the Raiders can give Pryor time to really polish his skills. Its a big risk having Pryor step in as starting QB. Remember Marinovich, Russell big mistake if he doesnt have the supporting cast. RMC always seems falter with his bad wheels, so the running game is always in question year to year. Reece, Bey, Myers,and now Streator are steppin up their game. Pryor shows alot of promise if his talents are cultivated carefully. CP redo your contract, and stay another year!! Goooo Raidaz!!

  2. Anonymous says

    dump palmer right now the wins that palmer might get will be less than what this kid pryor is going to get what do we have to lose, palmer is inconsitent wild at times and will throw you out of wining situations think about all the potentual game winning drives he could have had instead he through a interception and that is history and to many times this is the out come of his games pretty good for the first three quarters then he is a bum in the final 5min get rid of this USC loser.

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