Carl Banks blasts the Giants

Former Giants great Carl Banks went on WFAN 660 in New York today and discussed the “:scary” state of their situation.

Banks implied that his former team has chemistry issues within their locker room.

“They don’t like each other. They don’t want to fight for each other,” said Banks via Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News.

Banks was disturbed with how the Giants let themselves get beaten so bad by the Panthers.

“The disturbing part is I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team just take a butt-whipping and say ‘Give me more.'”

Banks also said that the Giants performance on Sunday was “the most disturbing thing I’ve ever experienced.”  He believes it was due to a “lack of pride.”

Banks makes some great points.  If the players were on the same page,  there’s no way they would have let the Panthers embarrass them n Sunday.



  • Anonymous

    Banks played for the Giants from 84-92. They had some losing seasons and if anyone said that there were chemistry issues in the locker room I’m sure he’d have had something to say about it. Are you still in the locker room Carl?

    • mark

      between 19-84-1992 the G-Men had only two losing seasons