Cardinals RB Ryan Williams impressive in minicamp

Getty Images

A torn right patella tendon may have kept Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams out of what was supposed to be a stellar rookie season, but there’s no way he is going to let the injury keep him from making up for lost time. Word from a Cardinals’ inside source is that Williams is impressive in mini camp and should be good to go come the regular season, although they have no intention to rush his recovery. The team is planning on limiting his snaps in training camp.

The Cardinals do expect Williams to have an impact on the team this season, most importantly as a way to keep their number one running back, Beanie Wells, motivated. Wells has been inconsistent week to week in the past and with Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt notoriously favoring the two back system, Williams is expected to get a lot of play time. And while the idea is to have Williams compliment Wells the same way Tim Hightower did until last season, he will also have the opportunity to steal the number one spot from Wells.

Says the source, “One thing about Williams is the single-mindedness he is showing coming back from the injury. With Beanie having failed to show real consistency week-by-week up to now, Williams’ will could end up working in his favor.”

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