Cardinals may have no choice but to trade Larry Fitzgerald

larry fitzgerald

Even though the Arizona Cardinals didn’t trade Larry Fitzgerald prior to this year’s trade deadline, it doesn’t mean something won’t happen in the offseason.

As ESPN’s Adam Schefter points out,  the Cardinals may not have a choice but to move on from Fitzgerald.

There are enough people who think that a trade could be in play, Kevin. Multiple league executives don’t believe the Cardinals will be willing to pay Fitzgerald $18 million next season, not when the salary cap is expected to remain flat. Arizona will need cap space and will need to go to Fitzgerald to get it. At that point, it could get tricky. It’s why executives believe Arizona is going to be put into a position to entertain trade offers and decide whether it’s worth it to deal him.

I don’t think any trade compensation will be good enough for a future Hall of Famer like Fitzgerald.



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