Cam Newton lost 12 pounds this offseason

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton told the media today that he dropped 12 pounds and now weights 243 pounds.  He said no one made him lose the weight, it was his own decision.

“That’s a personal goal for myself,” Newton said, per “Nobody made me do it.”

Newton said he’s not worried about being the fastest quarterback in the NFL.

“I’m taking my name off that ballot,” he joked. “I think it’s between RG3, Colin (Kaepernick) and Michael Vick. I just feel like I don’t want to be fastest quarterback, I just want to be the guy that can’t be caught in the open field, because if you get caught in the open field that means you’re not doing something right.”

It’s good that Newton ism’t worried about being the fastest quarterback in the NFL anyway because the Panthers plan on cutting down his carries in 2013, which is smart.  It’s great that he can run the ball, but for him to lead the team in rushing last season, is crazy with all of the capable running backs they have on their roster.

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