Cam Newton is trying to avoid gold diggers

Getty Images

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton understands there will be plenty of women that will only see one thing when he enters a room, and that’s the money he has.

Newton says he prays for help every night he goes out so he’ll be able to tell the gold diggers from the women that genuinely like him.

“It’s a cliché for people to say you have to be on alert,” Newton told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.  “But sometimes, that is the case.  You may see a particular female who’s attractive, but you already sense it.

“I pray for discretion every single night, that I can see through people, see what their greater good is.  Sometimes that individual ‘wows’ you by the eye, but when it come to heart to heart, that person’s not there for you.  That’s not just females.  That may be friends, people who come into your life just to use you for who you are.”

Newton understands that it’s going to very hard to find genuine people at this point in his life.

“Genuine people, at this stage of my life, are very scarce,” Newton said.  “That’s unfortunate.  Most of the time, I don’t really give people a chance.  I have a wall up.  I’m always protecting who I am.  Thinking about my brand.  I make it hard on people.  Sometimes, it’s a good thing.  Sometimes, it’s a bad thing.”

I’ll admit, I didn’t think Newton was this smart when he came into the NFL.  But I was clearly wrong, I wish him the best going forward and hope he can find a woman who will love him for the man he is.