Calais Campbell: Cardinals can win the NFC West because “we have a quarterback”

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Mike Freeman of CBS Sports had the chance to speak with Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell and asked him if they can win the NFC West this season.

“Yeah, we can,” he says.

It was brought to his attention that the Seahawks and 49ers dominated the division in 2012, while the Cards finished with a 5-11 record.

“That was last year,” Campbell says, “and I think you’re going to see a different team this season. A very different one.”

Campbell was asked what is different about this year’s team.

“We have a quarterback,” he said.

Carson Palmer does make the Cardinals a contender.

“I think it’s very likely we can win the division, yes,” Campbell said. “I respect every opponent in our division. Every one. But I think of it this way. We were able to hang in a bunch of our division games without a real quarterback.

“I don’t want to disrespect anyone but now we have a real quarterback to go with a good defense. When we play with a lead, we’re hard to beat. This is the first time in years that we have an offense that matches our defense.”

“I was talking to Carson the other day and he said he’s never really played with a good defense before. I told him it’s been awhile since I played with a good quarterback.”

I agree with Campbell.  I know Palmer didn’t play great in Oakland, but he did the best he could with the receivers he had.  Now he has the chance to play with one of the NFL’s best play makers in Larry Fitzgerald.  Arizona is a sleeper team for the upcoming season.


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