Cable man claims Ndamukong Suh threatened him with a gun

Not only is Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh reckless on the field, but he also lacks control off of it as well.

According to the Detroit Free Press via Black Sports Online,  Suh threatened a cable man with a gun.

According to a case report, Comcast employee Spencer Ferrell, 22, called Birmingham police shortly after 9 p.m. Aug. 16, the day after the Lions’ exhibition loss to the Cleveland Browns, to report that Suh threatened him with a gun while he was working on a utility pole in Suh’s backyard.

In a written statement provided to police, Ferrell said Suh cursed at him while pointing a gun upward and asked him to leave his property.
Ferrell told police that Suh never pointed the gun directly at him. Police wrote in their report that he initially thought the gun “looked like an AK-47.”

Clemence said Suh was cooperative when questioned at the hotel, and according to the report, Suh said he heard rustling in the trees behind his house after he returned home, “picked up a pellet gun that was in his garage … and looked through the scope towards the trees.”

Suh told officers “that he was ‘in fear’ for his and family members’ safety daily and would always protect his family,” according to the report.

“If you think I show aggression on the football field, I would show more to protect my family,” Suh told officers, according to the report.

It seems like Suh is selfish and only thinks about himself.  He doesn’t seem to care about the well being of those around him.



  1. Mike says

    If I find a man prowling around in my back yard at night, he will see a heck of a lot more than a pellet gun. Why didn’t this cable guy knock on the door and explain what he was doing before sneaking around in a man back yard?
    Just more media trying to make Suh look bad, when he was just protecting his family.
    This last so-called intent to injury is a bunch of crap. I am over 60 years old and have seen over 100 of what we used to call a cross body block. You can’t hit a player high, you can’t hit a player low. I guess the NFL just needs to put a flag on the players. The players know the risks they take when they decide to play NFL football for a career.

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