Buccaneers won’t trade Eric Wright

Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright recently restructured his contract to stay in Tampa.  He also asked the Bucs’ front office if they plan on trading him.

While we were restructuring, I got a chance to talk to Coach Schiano and Mark Dominik, and I frankly asked if a restructure would mean me possibly getting traded. They told me that would not happen. They told me that they wanted me. Telling me they want me to be there and they’re not thinking about trading me, that meant a lot to me. They opened the door for the restructure to happen, so I obviously was ready to take the pay cut to stay and prove myself.

Even if the Bucs did want to trade Wright, I don’t believe there’s much of a market.  But ultimately they can’t afford to get rid of him.  There secondary was terrible in 2012.


  • tacobellkitten