Bryant McKinnie wants to come back to Baltimore

Offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie’s agent Michael George told The Baltimore Sun that his client would love to re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens.

“Bryant would want to come back,” agent Michael George told The Baltimore Sun. “He likes it there. He likes the situation, the way it is now. He’s a free agent, so it’s up to the Ravens what happens next obviously. The intention is to see what the market says. If the Ravens want to do something, we’re definitely open to that. Obviously, it has to be right numbers for both sides.”

According to The Sun, the Ravens haven’t made any moves towards possibly re-signing McKinnie, so there’s a good chance he may not be back.  Don’t forget he spent the entire regular season on the bench.  He didn’t start playing until the playoffs started.  There were some rumors that the front office stepped in and told head coach John Harbaugh to play McKinnie because of how poorly their offensive line played during the regular season.

With Harbaugh not being very fond of McKinnie, I don’t think he’ll be back.